Wed, 11/09/2011 - 15:25
by Gary
Beauty of style, harmony, grace, and good rhythm depend on simplicity. --Plato

Simple steps, performed musically, often make a more beautiful tango than showy, complicated moves done without a feeling of connection and without much regard for the song. We all like speed and flash, but by themselves they don't move us on a deep level. Of course, simple moves done poorly are just boring! What dances have you seen that have it all?


Franz Liszt wrote piano etudes that are dazzling and almost impossible to play. Then there is Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata which is much simpler yet so, so very deep. But then again, Beethoven also wrote piano concertos that his contemporaries couldn't play, which he did on purpose just to piss them off.

An inspiration.

I know it's only Monday but can't wait for Friday!

I want to say that after 6 years of studying tango thru weekly private lessons in Paris, Berlin, BsAs and especially here I had never until now had a teacher who looked at you like you would have more then one lesson. Steps were shown and music discussed but no one worked like a true teacher to build a foundation I could build upon. Now I know what this means and I am learning where always the woman is and where I want to move her is the choreography I want to create, rather than setting myself up to lead a step or phrase. Now I envision a choreography for which I move and balance to have the woman lead us around. Thank you Gary. As one of his students said "He's a well kept secret!".
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Gary is my absolute favorite teacher. He is such a GREAT teacher. It is obvious that he knows how to transmit knowledge. He is the main reason why I spend many months of the year in the San Francisco Bay far away from Naples, FL, where I live. I was so super lucky that I found him via a friend of a friend, three years ago. He truly is the best kept secret in Tango world in San Francisco and I would rather keep him for myself. But I have to tell you, too. He is the person where I send ALL my friends who are new to Tango, because I have never met anybody else teaching so thoroughly and who is so kind and encompassing. It is a pure joy to be around him. Thank you Gary!!!! I love you and so does James Steven and Joanna and so many more of my friends.

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